Offshore Online Betting: How to Bet Abroad

Nowadays, as many noticed, there is a rise in online betting. It’s what many people like to do in their free time, of course, after having read the guidelines (such as the guideline for the Betway app for example). Why? Because knowing things about online betting is necessary if one is interested in it.

Whether you are on a lifetime adventure around the globe or you simply want to bet on an offshore website – you need to stay informed about all the rules, limitations, and facts related to offshore wagering. No matter where you play, getting access to top betting sites shouldn’t be too difficult. Keep in mind that a VPN might be required if you want to bet online abroad. So, if you are ready to start your betting adventure abroad, make sure that you know all these things. 

Betting Online Abroad: How to Do It

Betting from abroad is the same as if you were betting from your home country, all you need to do is find the right website. Most of the time, if you are able to access your account from a different area, you can continue to use it. In other words, most big brands operate internationally, and you can access them from various places. A more internationally focused site is a good choice if you plan to stay abroad for a long period of time. Betting abroad depends greatly on whether you are an ex-pat or a tourist.

In most cases, you will not need to open a new account if you are a tourist. In case betting sites are blocked in your country, you can access them via a VPN. If the address associated with your account has not changed, you won’t need to update your account. For ex-pats, it is best to choose a site that accepts players from all over the world or a local site.

Keep in mind that regulations vary widely from country to country.

Betting Online Abroad: Tips and Tricks

Following these steps will prepare you for betting online abroad:

1. Make sure that the bookie accepts the countries you live in

2. Find out what laws apply in the country you are in

3. View the available payment options

4. Use a virtual private network (VPN)

Most bookies list the countries in which they accept bets. In the event that a bookie accepts your bet, make sure you don’t break any local laws by reading more about them. Also, make sure that the operator offers your preferred payment since it can significantly affect your online betting experience. Offshore websites might not offer the same banking options available in your country. In case you are not satisfied with the selection of local online betting sites, make sure to use VPN. This way, you can access your preferred operator’s website and place wagers.

Betting Online Abroad – Rules to Follow

In the world of betting, there are five kinds of jurisdictions. Although each country has its own set of regulations, all fall into one of these categories.

  • Licensed Unrestricted
  • Licensed Restricted
  • Regulated
  • Unregulated
  • Illegal

In most countries where betting is legalized, operators need to have a license in order to operate. This goes for all the licensed unrestricted countries. On the other hand, licensed restricted countries don’t allow any brand to operate, and they might allow only a couple of websites to operate. The local site might offer different bets or bonuses based on these factors. You can check your bookmaker’s page to see if your country is accepted.

Markets that are unregulated don’t license or regulate betting, meaning that betting is not mentioned by any law. Due to this, operators in these markets are free to offer whatever terms they like, which might not always be good. Finally, there are countries where betting, in general, is considered illegal, and you won’t be able to access any local or offshore betting website.