Top Luggage Brands of 2021

No matter what kind of trip you’re planning, you’ll need a reliable suitcase to fit all your stuff in. Consider a whole set if you’re planning on traveling far or thinking about working remotely. You can invest in quality luggage now even if no trip is planned for the near future, providing you with a premium set of luggage ready for future travel adventures. A bag can be a challenge to choose from, given a large number of options available. There are tons of brands available out there, so how to choose the right one? Check out these top luggage brands for 2021:

Briggs & Riley

The premium design of Briggs & Riley features fiberglass frames, reinforced corners, silent wheels and smooth zippers. These luxurious soft-side carry-ons have unique interior features. To start with, travelers will have a 25% increased packing capacity. They’re certainly expensive, but the suitcases come with a lifetime warranty, so they are a smart investment for people who travel a lot.


As far as value goes, Samsonite luggage is among the best-priced in the market. This is why we named it our top choice for the best carry-on luggage. With Samsonite, you can choose from both hard- and soft-sided roller bags, as well as wheeled underseat bags, and even roller duffles. 

The bags from Samsonite are known for their neat designs and simple colors. For those interested in pairing small, medium, and large roller bags together, there are also several two- and three-piece sets the brand offers.


With its premium materials used to create long-lasting, recognizable pieces of luggage, Rimowa is always a top choice. One of its most popular pieces of luggage is its ribbed aluminum luggage, which comes in a wide variety of colors. If they aren’t too costly for you, the rollers could be worth it because of the heavy-duty construction and light weight. The Essential Lite collection is a little bit more cost-effective option. It’s the best high-end hard-side carry-on bag due to its durability and relatively light weight. Some of you may not prefer Rimowa’s soft-sided suitcases, because there aren’t as many accessories available as with other brands.


The monos company is a newer start-up with fewer suitcases than other mentioned brands. Even so, they offer the best suitcases available, with an easy-to-use hard pocket on the front for storing laptops and extras. It is well priced, comes in a variety of colors, and is durable. Some of our most amazing durable packing cubes are also made by this brand.


High-quality luggage is also made by the same company that makes Swiss Army knives and watches. Victorianox luggage is in the mid-to-high-tier of price points, but it is a good value because of its durability. During shopping holidays, as well as throughout the year, you can score great deals on suitcases from this brand.

From a Swiss Army company, it should come as no surprise that most suitcases contain space-saving interiors.