Winter Sports Betting 101: Complete Betting Guide

Winter sports betting ranges from alpine action to ski jumping and a number of markets are available in both online sportsbooks and retail betting shops. Just like the majority of sports betting markets, betting on winter sports requires using different bet types, carefully analyzing odds and performance, and more. Many people who enjoy sports betting first like to look for and visit this page for betfair promotions as it allows them to see what they can expect from a bookie and an online promotion.

With sports betting it’s incredibly important to be safe and use a legal operator, no matter what sports people are betting on. Sounds interesting? Discover how to wager on winter sports with any operator and read this complete winter sports betting guide.

Winter Sports Betting Markets and Sports Offered

Winter sports are not as well-known as football or basketball, but they can offer excitement and a profit by placing bets on events, tours, and individual athletes across a variety of sports markets. Among other events listed, you will find odds on biathlon, cross country, slalom, and alpine skiing and jumps as well. Here’s a more extensive list of available sports betting markets:

  • Biathlon 
  • Mass Start
  • Cross country skiing 
  • Relay
  • Pursuit
  • Ski jumping
  • Alpine skiing
  • Individual
  • Slalom rules
  • Sprint

Each sport offers a variety of betting options, so bettors can place multiple wagers on the same winter sports event. Moreover, wages will be able to find tons of betting opportunities online if they feel more comfortable placing wagers from the comfort of their homes. Let’s not forget to mention that many sportsbook operators also offer mobile apps you can download and bet on the go.

And some of the most popular winter sports competitions to bet on are:

  • Winter Olympics Skiing
  • World Skiing Championships
  • World Cup Ski Jumping
  • World Cup Cross Country Betting
  • World Cup Biathlon
  • World Cup Alpine Betting

Understanding the Odds

You need to understand the odds before you place a wager. Bookmakers give odds based on their assessment of the outcome. If you make an accurate prediction, the odds also determine how much you’ll win. You will typically find fractional odds on sports betting websites. Alternatively, they can be expressed as decimal points or in the American way. Nevertheless, you should always be able to adjust the settings to suit your needs.

Live Streaming

Most online bookmakers will be able to provide live streaming to bettors. Watching the event live makes it easier for them to follow along. Several sportsbooks allow bets throughout the event, giving bettors an increased chance of placing winning wagers on their favorite winter sports.

Winter Sports Betting Types

You can bet on winter sports in many ways. Winter sports betting isn’t easy due to the sheer variety of sports and the short betting season. Nevertheless, bettors can mix up their betting styles with a variety of different betting formats, such as:

Futures: Different future bet types include alpine skiing, biathlon, and cross-country skiing. Before the competition starts, you should place an outright bet on the individual/team. This type of bet can be placed months before the event or right before it starts. 

Props: Betting can be done on a number of winter sports using prop bets. 

Winning Margin: Usually, you can bet on the winner by the number of points, or even by the number of seconds. Usually, you would place a simple under/over bet on the bookie’s fixed number, and the bookie would give you several different options to choose from.

Winning Team: As well as betting on individual athletes, there are bets on teams or countries as well. If you like, you might also be able to bet on which country will triumph on a certain continent, just like at a football World Cup.

Interval winners: Betting odds are often increased in interest and profit by offering bets on which team, athlete, etc. will win after you set a period of time.