4 Things You Need To Know About 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

If you didn’t have the opportunity to watch the Olympic Games in Tokyo, or you are simply craving for more similar excitement, then we have some very good news for you. In less than six months the Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing and there will be plenty of interesting sports events that you can enjoy. The fans are already expecting a lot of great sportspeople to come through, and a lot of them (the fans, obviously) have already placed a few bets using the offers on sites like maxbonusbet.com.

The Olympic Games return once again to China, even though the last time they were in form of the Summer Olympics. In 2008, the audience enjoyed the incredible organizational and hosting skills of the Chinese, and we are looking forward to a similar spectacle for the Winter Olympics 2022. So, while we wait for the Winter Olympics to begin, let’s go over some of the most important things that we know about this event so far. 

When Will The Beijing Winter Olympics Begin?

It was confirmed that the 2022 Winter Olympics will officially begin on February the 4th and they will last until February the 20th. So, anyone who wants to watch any of the sports events that take place during this time will have to set their clocks in accordance with Beijing time. 

How Did Beijing Become the Host of the Winter Olympics?

It’s important to mention that Beijing managed to win the Winter Olympics over two serious competitors – Almaty and Oslo. However, many thought that Beijing being the host is somewhat controversial due to the many accusations that this country had over the past couple of years. The most important issues revolved around the accusation that China committed genocide on Uyghur Muslims and for the overall attitude towards democracy in this country. Although there were many protests that the Games should be moved somewhere else, the decision remained the same. 

Is Winter in Beijing Appropriate For the Games?

Even though the winter conditions aren’t perfect for some of the sports activities like skiing, it’s expected that this country will do everything possible to create conditions that are optimal for every discipline. This wouldn’t be the first time that man-made snow was used for some of the winter sports during the Games, so both athletes and spectators have nothing to worry about. In February 2021 the temperature in Beijing was over 70 degrees, which was the warmest ever for this time of year. 

What Venues Will Be Used for the Games?

It came as no surprise that some of the venues that were used in 2008 will be re-used for the Winter Olympics 2022. Both the opening and the closing ceremonies will take place at the National Stadium. Moreover, the organizers will use the National Indoor Stadium, Capital Indoor Stadium, National Aquatics Center, as well as Wukesong Arena. However, for some sports competitions, the venues had to be built from scratch, like Xiaohaituo Alpine Skiing Field. This venue is located more than 50 miles from the capital and it was completed more than two years ago. And even though additional test events were announced, they had to be postponed due to the global pandemic.