Ski Equipment Essential for Novice Skiers

Watching pros ski makes it seem easy and effortless, but the reality is drastically different. You are basically learning a new way of moving across the terrain, and it takes a lot of practice before skiing becomes second nature. Meaning you are going to fall and lose control more than you think. To that end, having appropriate equipment will keep you safe, cushion the impact, and help you stay warm. So here are some essentials every skiing novice should have. 

A Snow Helmet

Let’s start with the most important item on the list, a snow helm.

This is probably the only thing where you shouldn’t look for a cheap option. You will fall a lot, and wearing protective headgear is a must. You need a quality helm to protect your head, so make sure you get the best one available.

The ones you should go for are those that have MIPS protection, as they prevent your head from smashing into the helm. 

Anti-fog Goggles

It’s going to be extremely difficult to ski without goggles, especially if it’s windy or if it’s just snowing. You need to know where you are going in order to navigate accurately and at higher speeds that can be difficult. Also, goggles protect your eyes from UV lights that are bouncing all over the snowy surface. Basically, you need anti-fog goggles that fit nicely and that won’t slip off your helmet.  

Water-resistant Pants

You should never wear regular pants, as they will get wet really quickly and you will be freezing. So, always wear water-resistant ones to make the whole skiing experience more comfortable.

Base Layers for Warmth

A lot of people skip on this one because they want to feel more comfortable, but when you are up in the mountains the weather is unpredictable and it can get colder really quickly.

So, it is recommended for beginners to wear a base layer of clothes underneath the ski pants and jacket.

This way you reduce the chance of getting sick due to cold temperatures. 


You are obviously going to wear gloves, but it would be good to have higher quality merchandise in this case. Having gloves that allow you to use your phone while wearing them can come in handy, especially if you wish to take some pictures.  

Jacket, Neck Warmer, and Socks 

Much like with a base layer of clothing, having a neck warmer is good for your health. Get something that has a soft fabric, so that it doesn’t distract you while skiing. You can get a regular ski jacket with pockets for your items, and long socks.

The socks need to be made specifically for skiing boots.