Reasons Why Social Media Platforms Are Important for Business

Almost all businesses need to advertise their products. A few exceptions are some types of B2B companies or products that are illegal to advertise like cigarettes. One of the most important marketing channels of today is social media. Moreover, these are not just sites where you post your ads, as they can be used for so much more. So, let’s examine why social media platforms are important for businesses and how to use them to enable further growth. 

Extensive Database 

The reason why a lot of people are dissatisfied with social media is because of their extensive data gathering. Users feel like they are being spied on or monitored and that’s why they don’t always share their information.

Still, there are those who understand that it is sort of a trade-off and that since social networks are free, they are basically paying for the use of the platform with their private info. So, you have relevant data that helps you isolate desired demographics like location, age, gender, etc. 

Networks are used by marketers in order to create targeted campaigns, which allows them to really connect with their core audience or user group. Meaning, it’s a lot cheaper to have this accurate form of marketing than to just air the content on TV or radio where a lot of people see it but the majority of them is unlikely to become a paying customer. 


A lot of businesses treat social networks as an alternative hub for customer support. This is because their users are already there and browsing the web. So in an attempt to increase the convenience of communication, they create pages or groups for their company. This is also useful as you appear to be more close or humble in a way. You are not just some remote business that only conducts communication through email. You are just another user who openly communicates via chat. 

Finding Talent 

Social networks like LinkedIn are widely used to make meaningful business connections. The whole profile basically serves as your resume and you can find job postings there. For businesses, this is important as they have access to a huge pool of talent. They can see their recommendation, work history, and qualifications. It also makes it easy to reach out to those individuals which is what most HR departments do when scouting for talent. It’s simple in order to create a valuable and quality product or provide quality service you need competent people. 

Sharing Content

The visibility of your website or online store strongly depends on the user experience. Getting users to visit your website is therefore crucial. As they are less likely to find it on their own if it’s not ranked high, you need to find another way to get people to interact with your site. You can do this by linking the content or posting that content on social networks.

Alternative Online Store 

Launching and maintaining an eCommerce site can be tiresome and requires a developer. For businesses who are just starting this might be too expensive. So they solely rely on social media pages and social media advertising to sell products. With all the features that are available, it’s easy to create your page or profile into an online store that users can browse.