Great Ideas for Starting Your Business in the US

We constantly hear different success stories, how giant corporations and entrepreneurs started from scratch and we get inspired. If you look online to see what are the keys to success you can get an avalanche of different suggestions. Some say it’s passion and perseverance, others that you need capable and dedicated people, or you might hear that diverse profiles and opinions who manage to work together can move mountains. All of these are valid points, and you do need all of them in fact. However, you also need a good idea and willingness to evolve and adapt to different circumstances. 

The reality is that most businesses fail. Yet, the experiences and lessons you learned, stick with you. So, the plan or idea and its execution truly matter. Here we will go over some of the business ideas that you should consider if you live in the US. 

Middleman Type Businesses  

This is a very broad term honestly, but it’s better for you if you can figure out how to thrive here.

Basically, it’s hard to compete with existing businesses that already have the infrastructure or capacity for production and sales. This is why you need to figure out how to get between them and their customers, but in a way that makes the purchasing process easier and more convenient. 

One example is drop shipping, maybe there is a site that provides unique products but it’s not visible to the audience due to bad optimization, or simply doesn’t support many payment methods. As a middleman, you can create a better-optimized website with the same products, and that supports more diverse payment methods. This way people buy their stuff from you, and you get your cut. 

Marketplace Platforms 

Some of the most successful websites are basically marketplaces. Again this does not require you to have any product or offer any specific service. You basically create a place where everyone goes to find work or to sell their service.

Truthfully there are already lots of marketplace platforms, but only a handful of them are visible. This means you need to go for something niche-specific and think about how to improve the business transactions there.

You might want to set a better vetting process that guarantees both sides are legitimate.

You can also act as an arbiter and ensure that both sides own their commitment. 

If this looks like too much trouble you can take a different route and focus on quantity over quality. What this means is that you can simply sell leads. You have a subscription model from your users and send notifications whenever there is someone who demands a specific service, or when a new provider appears.    

Affiliate Marketing

Many sites have affiliate programs and basically give you money whenever you help them make a sale. There are lots of different ways for you to benefit from this. You can do product reviews and leave the affiliate link. You can once again create your own website that promotes all of the different products and makes them more visible to the buyers. This is done through SEO, better product descriptions, and simply better digital marketing. You can blog on different topics and find a product that fits with that topic and link it using your affiliate link.