Everything You Need to Know about SEO and Why It’s So Important

If you were looking into digital marketing the term SEO definitely popped up. It stands for search engine optimization and it basically allows you or helps you make your online content more visible. It is an ongoing process and there is a lot we need to cover in order to fully explain it. 

Bear in mind though that it’s nothing like it used to be back in the day. Before you could effectively cheat the search engine by relying on keyword stuffing and at that time the quality of the content did not play a major role. 

User Experience and Engagement

Probably one of the most important metrics that allow your site to be qualified as legitimate, is user experience. This tends to be measured by the time a user spends on the site, and how he or she interacts with its content. This is why there is a great emphasis on a user review as a positive experience means they got what they were looking for. 

Also, shares and likes definitely help with visibility but there is still one problem. In order for users to see and interact with your site, they need to find it, and in order to find it needs to appear in search results. 

Google Ads and Keywords 

Whenever you search for something you see that the sites that paid for an ad are the ones that rank at the top. This does not mean they are inferior, it can actually mean they are new and that they want to target users with that particular search query. This is an important part of local SEO where you wish to market your content to those in the near vicinity. Also the more specific the search query the better. 

This is actually why keywords stuffing doesn’t work, if you wish to use general keywords just to boost your site visibility through ads you will likely fail. People will visit the site but leave immediately if that’s not what they were looking for. This sends a negative ranking signal, so always focus on targeting relevant audiences. 

Optimization of the Written Content   

Instead of relying solely on ads, you can also have content on your web pages that also targets specific search queries. This is why having a blog section on the site is helpful, as you can optimize text naturally and create content where those keywords fit. That being said, just using the keywords you want will not be enough.

The algorithm compares your content to the one that already exists and therefore analyzes the environment of the keywords you are using. So you need  SEO tools that can help you generate surrounding phrases which help the text appear more legitimate. It also kind of steers you into a direction on how to create the content for your site. 

Links Leading to Your Site 

Finally, if other credible sites use the content on your website as a credible source, it will count as a positive ranking signal. Your content should also link to other credible platforms as it helps its credibility. 

Now you see why this is an ongoing process and why it is important so much for the success of your business. Basically, if people can’t find your online store or if it comes off as shady, they are less likely to use your service.