Everything You Need to Start iGaming Business

Given how casino games have been consistently popular for decades, it makes sense to think of it as a solid and lucrative business model. Much like with any business it will take some time before it takes off, however, unlike other businesses you will need significant capital to get things rolling. Here we will go over all of the things you need in order to start a successful online casino or iGaming business.  


Depending on where you live, online gambling can be regarded as a relatively new concept, as a result, the laws and regulations aren’t exactly keeping up with that trend. Therefore, it’s highly possible for online gambling to be illegal in those countries, and you cannot have a company with that line of work there. So, you’ll either have to incorporate somewhere else where it is legal or wait until things change. 

Assuming it’s legal for you to be in this business you will have to hire someone or do your own research on how to get a license for an online casino.

Displaying where you are licensed and regulated, along with the license number, is basically a must in today’s online casino world. A lot of players simply won’t play on the platform if it looks sketchy.

Software Developers 

The next thing you’ll need is games, of course. Luckily there are multiple reputable software development companies that online casinos tend to hire. You will need at least one for the start but you should look to expand as this game diversity is one of the main appeals behind the site. Modern sites mainly focus on providing a vast array of different slot games, as they can vary based on the number of reels, paylines, type of bonuses, and also on providing live dealer games.     

When starting you don’t have to heavily focus on these things, having several slots that are different, and that offer progressive jackpots will do. Also, don’t bother with live games, at the beginning, it will be enough to have some basic table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. 

Quality Server and Website 

Your server will dictate how well your games can run and how many players you can accommodate at the same time. This is important for multiplayer games like poker so that more people can play all at once. As far as the site goes, the software developers already make games that are mobile-friendly, so if you are working with one of the big names it won’t be an issue. On the other hand, if you are collaborating with a new company make sure the site runs smoothly on mobile, or that you offer an app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Also, get an auditing firm to test the games and give you the stamp of approval for fair gaming.  

Bonuses, Payments, and Starting Capital 

Finally, in order to attract new users, you need a generous welcome bonus to incentivize them to create an account. You should also partner up with payment companies that can help you accommodate different payment methods for deposit and withdrawal so that the majority of users already have the means of adding funds onto the account. Finally, you do need coverage to payout all the winnings that will occur.